Week 18 – Taking Action

This week taking action was inspired by our new formed Mastermind.  Finally I had not only an accountability partner but a coach as well, a coach that was putting me in…putting me into play, putting me into the action and calling out the reluctant hero in me.  How was I to react?  Will I answer the call?  He is calling my bluff to put my words, to put what I have studied for the last 6 months into action.  “Rippa…it’s time to let it Rip, Rippa”…Mark’s voice buried deep inside my subconscious I can hear echoing in my head…calling me into action in the back of my mind, every time I try to think about not taking action…do it now, do it now, do it now, starts the chant.  How can I not move forward at this time…how could I not answer the call…it would be so much more of an embarrassment to myself to not move forward verses …what could happen…certainly not anything worse than not answering the call…my call.  I’m in…I am ready!

I didn’t think it was pretty.  I didn’t think it went so well.  Red pencil, red pencil.  You were like a skilled surgeon, Rich brings the green pencil to my life with his perspective, slicing here and cutting there, carving into cement to find and expose her true gold, her own hero’s calling, he points out.  The more he points out, the more I realize that inside of how bad I thought it was, it really didn’t look like that from outside of my point of view.  I speak now from my heart with a true caring and wanting to find out…what is it that you truly want to do?  I’m so filled with emotion now as I speak with possibilities and listen…listening for the clues that will paint the picture for what situation we are becoming involved with.  Can we help, can we truly be of service to this person?  I love engaging and getting to people’s gold…getting to people’s goldennesses…what they dream about, what they really want…do they know, have they thought about it, can they imagine or think about it?  Truly amazed tonight as I asked a single mom what she wanted more of and while she thought, her 4 year old daughter blurted out that she wanted “more time with daddy.”  Priceless!  What a lesson, what an eye-opener, what a week!


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